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What can Benefit Technology Resources do for my organization?

We’re glad you asked.


When you enlist our services, we will work to provide your clients with expert independent HR technology consulting. BTR is currently the largest independent mid-market HR technology consulting firm in the country with 42 full-time employees. We are provider agnostic. This means that we are not tied to any provider and we can help your clients look objectively at all the technology options available.

From those options, we will help them select the solution that’s just right for their needs. Employers today are looking for HR technology resources that include:

  • Benefits and HR Administration
  • Payroll
  • Private Exchanges
  • Talent Management tools

The ability to deliver this type of quality independent technology consulting can differentiate you from other competing brokers. Moreover, we only work with a select few brokers in any given marketplace which means that we can maximize the time and value of our franchise with you. As independent HR technology consultants, we will work with you and your clients to help determine the best system that will fit their specific needs.


Many employers have systems that they are not fully using or that are not performing as they should. Since BTR is independent and not tied to any provider, to start with, we will work with you to help get your current technology functioning the way it was intended. If that doesn’t solve your problems we can help you find and implement a new technology solution.

We offer a “hands-on” process that’s unmatched by any other consultant. Our process begins with an in-depth discovery of your specific needs. We then write an RFP addressing those needs, submit it to the technology marketplace.

We will receive and analyze proposals from various providers, then summarize our findings. Once providers are vetted, we will help to coordinate and schedule demos, select the technology which best suits your needs, and oversee the implementation once your decision is made.

Independent Consulting

As your independent HR technology consultants, we are strategic problem solvers. We will work to enhance technology structures that are already working well for your client as well as redefine, eliminate, or change areas that are not working well with the organization’s overall operation. Part of our role is to make recommendations or suggestions within the existing operational structure, including completely reworking HR processes associated with one or more areas.

Our team is readily available to work with you. We have vast experience which  will be an asset to  any organization that needs HR technology consultants including:

  • Carriers – Which technology provider is the best partner for you for private exchanges and ACA compliance?
  • Employers – Do you have everything you need to keep up with ACA compliance?
  • Technology Providers – How do you stack up against your competitors?

Since we are the largest independent mid-market HR technology consulting firm in the country, we have unique insight into the HR technology marketplace, which allows us knowledge and expertise that will greatly benefit you and your clients.

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