3 HR Tech Trends Everyone is Talking About

In our January webinar, Director of Client Relations & Strategic Initiatives Josh Hoover took a deep dive into the Sierra-Cedar 2018-2019 HR Systems Survey White paper and presented the themes and trends we found were changing the landscape of HR Tech.

Throughout the month, we noticed more industry leaders highlighting these trends, their insights and how it can help clients. As a wrap up to the first 30 days of 2019, we whittled down the list of trends and themes into our top three – not only what we found the most popular amongst industry leaders, but the most important to the clients we work with.

1. Artificial Intelligence

The future is here! While it may be a few steps behind having a personal robot like Rosie to do our day to day chores, Artificial Intelligence has been making waves in the HR Tech world. HR professionals are turning to Artificial Intelligence more and more for their everyday needs. From utilizing AI for recruitment, employee development or employee self-service, AI can help alleviate some of the administrative work on recruiters and other HR Professionals.

Benefits Administration is also seeing the trend in full force. While many BenAdmin platforms have embraced the decision support tools like bswift’s AskEmma, the new trend in enrollment is Chatbots. Chatbots take decision support one step further and learn from the questions asked by the employee to provide the best answer.

2. Consumerizing Employee Experience

Today’s employees compare their technology at work to their social platforms – is it fast? Can I get it anywhere? Do the systems talk to each other? Consumerizing your HR Tech is the way to meet that need for those employees. Key attributes of this are: (1) making actions quicker – like finding a system with On-Demand pay, (2) Integrating your systems, if you choose to forego the Holistic HCM route, and (3) ensuring your systems are mobile-friendly.

One of the leading players in HR Tech, Ceridian, explained the importance of consumerizing the employee experience in their 2019 trends write-up, which includes these attributes, plus more. Read it here.

3. Benefits Administration

One of the more surprising trends outlined in the Sierra-Cedar survey this year was the rise of Benefits Administration platforms. While Benefits Administration is not new in the HR Tech world, its inclusion in the survey data was. BTR realizes that BenAdmin is on the rise due to holistic HCM’s not providing a robust BA platform – thus proving the need for a separate, but integrated, system.

Also trending within the world of Benefits Administration is the need for the platform to work well with carriers. According to BeneftisPro, “employers are seeking information from their Benefits Administration providers to understand which partners work best in their systems to ensure their employees’ experience is the easiest possible. End-to-end – from enrollment to claims decisions – reducing complexity is critical for success.”

Will these trends continue to be the hot new thing throughout the year? It certainly seems so. But as we all know – the tech world seems to change faster than the speed of light! That’s why it’s always good to have a team to turn to when you need the best fit – and the best tech! BTR’s team of consulting professionals and our dedicated Benefits Administration division can locate the best in the market for you or your client – and save you a bit of a headache!