BTR Summit Update from Jamie Hawkins

As the first annual #BTRSummit approaches, our CEO Jamie Hawkins wanted to provide a brief overview of what our clients can expect to take from this power-packed event! Feel free to listen to the clip below!

Attendees will undergo multiple sessions where our #HRTech experts will address the changes happening in the industry.

The BTR Summit theme is GROW – a theme our guest speakers and experts will present upon. The focus will fall under four main categories:

  1. Gather the trends
  2. Reflect on the Challenges BTR sees—and how to overcome them
  3. Strategies on how to Outsmart competitors
  4. How to position yourself for the Win!

This will be a great event, held June 4-5 in Atlanta, GA. Contact us today with any questions about the event. We will also be heavily active on Twitter during the conference, so be sure you’re following us!

Click on the image below to download the mp3 file to listen to this information.