Fifth Anniversary – Donna Arnlund

Donna Arnlund has been a BTR employee for five years today.

Below are questions Donna answered so you can get to know her a little better.

In looking back, have you seen many changes in the field over the years?

I’d have to say with the implementation of the ACA requirements a few years ago, the need for technology grew quickly. Although there are still many who have yet to implement some form of automation to help administer their company’s benefits, but those who have are generally glad they invested the resources to do so.  I hear comments from HR Administrators often saying how their new system has helped them become more efficient and save time.

What is something that you have done personally that has worked and really made a difference in your career here?

Well I have always been a goal setter and planner, so when I’ve wanted to make a major change in my personal life (like moving for instance), I’ve approached it like a project.  That approach has transferred to my work at BTR as I work on various types of projects all the time, so the organization and planning skills are used all day, every day.  It’s also played a part in my professional growth as I have set goals and plans on achieving them over the past 5 years, and that’s kept me from getting bored with my job as I’m trying to take advantage of opportunities as they arise within BTR to learn new things and work with different BTR team members.

From your perspective, what would you say are BTR’s greatest accomplishments over the years?

It has amazed me how BTR has grown at such a steady pace over the years because of its reputation more so than the traditional marketing efforts companies often do. That is a true testimony as to how respected BTR is as an industry leader in HR technical consulting and implementations.

How have you grown personally and professionally over the past 5 years?

Aside from the technical skills I’ve acquired over the past 5 years, I have grown (and am still a work in progress) in the area of Work/Life balance which BTR’s culture has been instrumental.  Everyone is so supportive when it comes to taking time off (planned or not) and that is not found in all workplaces today. It is wonderful to work in a culture where hard work is appreciated and recognized, and personal/family time is valued.

Describe a recent project that you’ve learned from. What did you learn throughout the process?

Good planning and preparation makes all the difference in the success of a project.