Paylocity Client Conference Summary


This past November, Andrea Robinson, our HR and Administrative Services Manager, and Provider Relationship Analyst, Lisa Catalano attended the Paylocity Conference in Chicago, IL. The event was packed with major insights both internal and external to the company and its latest digital offerings. Our BTR team members took extensive notes during the event. Now that it is over, we are excited to share some of our favorite insights with you!

Dashboard Updates and New Releases

By next year, Paylocity is set to release a Retention Risk Dashboard which capitalizes on machine learning to quantifiably determine the level of risk of an employee leaving the company. This function uses data derived from Jscores which considers several contributing factors, including: commute time, tenure, vacation days (engaged employees take breaks), job change or promotion, employee supervisor turnover rate, and LinkedIn activity such as updating your photo, adding connections, following companies in a similar industry, or number of searches.

Come 2018, Paylocity will also be introducing their new Talent Dashboard for performance management. This dashboard will feature a new journal functionality for employees and supervisors to record employee performance. The mobile version is also set to launch early 2018 and will include a scheduling feature that will allow employees to be able to swap shifts. The survey functionality offered will be like Survey Monkey and will be able to provide quantified outputs of employee performance in the form of exportable charts and graphs. Moreover, these evaluations can be completely anonymous! Additional reporting and analytics available on this dashboard include labor costs, employee tax rates, focus on overtime and prevention, and aggregate reports.

Another module being enhanced by Paylocity is their Year End Dashboard which helps find errors for tax filing and employee adjustments. One of the new functions is offering an option for paperless documentation, which is sent out to all employees annually.

Additionally, Paylocity is set to offer a type of compliance dashboard to help HR administrators keep up with legislative requirements and deadlines. This feature includes the ability to process I-9 work authorization and keep up with ACA regulatory updates. To coincide with the installment of this feature, Paylocity will be offering compliance courses beginning in August.

Paylocity also hosted a session to review the basics of their ACA and Self-Service dashboards. They prefaced their information by reminding us that ACA is required for organizations with greater than 50 employees. Paylocity offers an enhanced dashboard which consists of two more tiers of information than their Basic Essentials version. This session went over what information each tier can provide. To learn more about this dashboard visit Paylocity’s website.

The Next Generation of Self-Service

According to Paylocity, the next generation self-service will be more centralized with channels on the left-hand side. Company information and news will be at the center of the Self-Service Dashboard. New communication tools that will be launched will include: an activity feed, news and, memos – segmented by an audience, impressions notifications, celebrations (anniversary and new hire), as well as the ability to like and save content. Moreover, an action bar will be added.

Paylocity aims to start using this next generation self-service in January. They hope to release this feature to everyone else by March, with a survey coming out in mid-February.

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To learn more, visit their website here.