Benefit Technology Analytics (BTA) Benchmarking

In today’s employment market, your clients need to make smart benefit decisions to attract and retain top talent. Benefit Technology Analytics (BTA) — a sister company of Benefit Technology Resources — provides a benchmarking tool that lets you deliver more value to your small- and mid-market clients by helping them understand how their benefits plan compares to other companies in terms of cost and coverage, and how to use that information to guide employment strategy.

Designed with input from our agency partners, BTA Benchmarking offers thousands of different data cuts — using near real-time data — to create a unique graphical presentation. Show comparisons in a live portal or download it as a PowerPoint file to help your client (or prospect) understand how their benefit plan stacks up in the marketplace, including for funding analysis.

BTA’s self-service portal allows you to brand the report to your agency and with the client’s logo. Graphic comparisons based on industry, region, employer size, plan type and more, help clients digest information. Based on the data, the system automatically calculates summary insights and generates recommendations — all designed to improve the competitiveness of their benefits program. Modify this information to convey a highly personalized message to your client.

Employers look to their benefit advisors for much more than insurance options. With BTA Benchmarking, you can give your clients and prospects powerful and actionable insights into the state of the insurance market and their specific position within the market, helping you stand out from the competition.

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