2020 Businessolver’s Advisor Summit Recap

BTR’s Corrina Nation attended Businessolver’s 2020 Advisor’s Summit on February 27 – 28 to learn about the benefits administration vendor’s latest enhancements and strategies going into 2020.

The overall theme of the Summit centered around innovation and investment into Businessolver’s culture, internal processes, and technology. Sofia, their virtual AI-driven assistant, was a major highlight of the event.

According to Businessolver, Sofia processed and resolved 72% of total chat volume during the 2020 annual enrollment period, with

25% of her chats taken after hours or on weekends. Businessolver revealed they will continue to invest in Sofia so she can further enhance the overall employee (and administrative) experiences.

Other sessions included a panel with several Businessolver onboarding team members, an open discussion with three existing clients, and a keynote presentation from Ernst & Young on the “disruption of work” with the advent of technology. Overall it was a jam-packed two days and we are excited to continue to watch Businessolver evolve from both a service and functionality perspective.