• Brokers/Consultants

    Brokers partner with us to offer independent HR technology consulting to their clients.  Employers today are looking to their broker/consultant for HR Technology Resources that include: Payroll, Benefits Administration Timekeeping, Employee Engagement, and Talent Management tools.

  • Employers

    Employers engage us to assist with their current technology vendor, as well as providing assistance throughout the RFP (Request for Proposal) process if seeking a new technology vendor.  Many employers have systems they are just not fully utilizing – that’s where we come in. We are independent and will help you find the right provider at the right price for the right situation.

  • Independent Consulting

    BTR is available to organizations that need consultation in the field of HR technology. Engage our team of experts to provide assistance with your current technology vendor, in your search for a new vendor, help in evaluating pricing proposals, or even exiting your PEO. Vendors in the market can connect with BTR to learn how we can expand your business!