Employers are increasingly looking to their benefit advisors for guidance in the areas of HR services and automation. This is forcing insurance brokers to develop a skill set that hasn’t been required of them in the past. The HR Technology marketplace is so complex and ever changing, it’s a real challenge for even the most progressive brokers to stay current. Weave in health care reform requirements and trying to keep up with the compliance aspect, it becomes even more daunting.

Your diverse and large client base will continue to demand greater consulting and support in the area of HR automation and Payroll administration. You may decide to bring in one technology solution to meet the needs of your smaller and simpler accounts, but your larger and more complex accounts will require a higher degree of customization and vendor selection. This requires a mastery of the technology marketplace, which is where our expertise becomes especially useful.

We are an insurance broker’s “technology broker.”

The needs of your clients and prospects are our primary concern. We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to technology solutions. The demand for integrated HR, benefits and payroll technologies and services is growing tremendously. The concept of a single “web-based” platform to accomplish all of this and help HR with compliance issues is what your clients are looking for. The correct choice requires careful analysis of your client’s needs and objectives. BTR is the industry leader when it comes to identifying those needs and matching the right technology solution to the situation. In addition, we stay involved after the selection is made and function as an advocate for you and your clients while managing the implementation and ongoing service thereafter to be sure the technology functions the way it was intended – we never disengage.

We are independent and have access to the entire technology marketplace. At far less than the cost of a full-time employee, BTR can become your “technology specialist” – an integral part of your team. Our approach frees up time for your staff to work on more strategic issues while providing you a differentiating edge over your competitors.