An Employee Service Center Checklist

It’s no secret that HR teams can quickly be inundated with benefit questions from employees, especially during Open Enrollment. With a full to-do list, it’s difficult to fit it all in! HR teams can find help through an outsourced employee-level service center with a solid foundation and the right key players.

What should organizations be looking for in this kind of service? Of course, the outsourced team should have extensive knowledge of the organization’s benefits strategy and techscape, as well as hold a track record of trustworthy service. HR teams looking for a personalized experience for employees can use this checklist as a guide for finding the right fit:

  • A unique phone number and email address for direct employee support
  • Employee support for password resets, enrollment support, navigation questions, benefit plan details, life events questions, and general ACA information
  • Dedicated client support for administrators
  • Access to call recordings upon request
  • Monthly usage analytics
  • Warm transfers to Carriers and Third Parties
  • Other services to consider: processing and monitoring life events, monitoring new hire enrollment statuses, dependent verification, and EOI support

In general, HR teams need a service center with in-depth knowledge about the company and the benefits package offered to employees. With a trustworthy team of service experts, organizations can add time back to their schedule and provide employees with the friendly and comforting experience they deserve.

In 2021, BTR Extend launched the Employee Service Center to do all of this. Our in-house team of representatives creates a 360-degree relationship between employees, the organization, and the technology. If you would like to learn more about BTR’s Employee Service Center, please watch our Employee Service Center video and reach out to your BTR representative.


About the Author

Nicole leads and manages BTR’s PlanSource Division. She has over 20 years of experience in finance and technology environments. Prior to her time with BTR, Nicole spent six years in the HCM market, managing large teams of employee benefits and ACA software consultants.