Bswift Idea Exchange: What We’ve Learned

Recently, several members of the BTR team had the privilege of attending the 14th annual bswift Idea Exchange in Miami, FL.  For the first time ever, the conference left its hometown of Chicago for Miami, Florida.  The multi-day event consisted of customized sessions split between direct clients and channel partners. The event featured keynote speakers including Mark Bertolini, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Aetna, and a general session on the state of the healthcare industry. The breakout sessions and discussions were tailored to the unique needs and desires of each group (direct clients and channel partners).

The goals of the bswift Idea Exchange were as follows: 

  • Solidify and elevate bswift’s relationships with clients, partners and prospects
  • Improve clients’ knowledge and utilization of the bswift system
  • Improve channel partners’ ability to sell and service their clients
  • Tackle today’s pressing strategic issues affecting corporate culture, employee benefits and the bottom line
bswift Idea Exchange

Image courtesy of bswift (2017)

Here are a few highlights and takeaways from the BTR team in attendance:

  • bswift will remain carrier agnostic regardless of Aetna relationship but will leverage their scale and advance the growth
  • bswift just released the Forrester Benefit Administration Study. This is a third party study on the benefits of a benefits administration system. BTR will provide this study as soon as it is available
  • ROI calculator is now available for companies to use when evaluating a benefit admin system and its return investment. BTR will provide this ROI calculator as soon as it is available.

Factors contributing to the HCM market boom:

    • Technology is more visible
    • Zenefits – game changer
    • Streamlining and efficiencies
    • Digital age movements
    • Influx of wellness
    • Healthcare compliance

Bswift technical projections for the future:

    • Ask Emma to evolve into Alexa/Siri type technology
    • Voice recognition technology within HCM suite
      • Decision support
      • Timekeeping
bswift Idea Exchange

Image courtesy of bswift (2017)

Ask Emma:  Better Than Ever:

  • Emma had an update to her voice and her appearance- small tweaks to make her appear older and more sophisticated based on feedback
  • New videos will be available which are short snippets of information
  • 8% EEs saw savings on premiums by choosing Emma’s recommendation
  • 9% ERs saw savings
  • Decision support ERs have=54% Ask Emma/32%best fit
  • Benefits e-guide will be available later this year for extra cost
  • 2018-smarter forms/import
  • Can add special ER messages in Ask Emma – just verbiage will appear

HRIS Connectivity to Ben Admin-Integration considerations:

    • What is the system of record when managing multiple systems?
    • Real time integrations
    • File delays
    • Security concerns
    • Un-cooperative vendors
    • Will SSO or embedded links work?
    • What determines the critical need for real-time integrations?  Turnover?  Demand of the EE?

Future API partners for bswift:

    • BambooHR
    • Newton (ATS)
    • Ultimate
    • Paycor
    • Paylocity
    • Proliant
    • Requested:  Workday, Lawson, Paychex, ADP
bswift Idea Exchange

Image courtesy of bswift (2017).

Employee Engagement Breakout Session:

  • 80% of associates admit to not opening/reading materials
  • 49% say they don’t understand their benefits
  • 31% don’t feel valued
  • Start engagement early and keep it ongoing….not just at the point of hire
  • Communicate timelines clearly and don’t be scared to impose deadlines for tasks
  • Broaden communication avenues to accommodate a diverse team
  • Create a candidate portal with policies and rewards program materials

All in all, our BTR team members learned quite a bit about the latest in bswift benefits, HR technology, and employee engagement. We are already looking forward to the next Idea Exchange. For more about bswift, including their offerings and upcoming events, check here.