BTR Benchmarking Initiative (Powered by BTA)

BTR Benchmarking Initiative Update

 This past April, Benefit Technology Resources, LLC announced the formation of a “sister” company, Benefit Technology Analytics, LLC. The purpose of BTA is to produce insurance benchmark reports for health and welfare employee benefits. These reports are designed for insurance brokers, their clients, and prospective clients. At present, we are very close to finalizing the last few items. Our internal teams will begin training on the new database the second week of June. Currently, we are contacting and meeting with interested broker partners. Please reach out if you would like to set up a meeting or discuss pricing!
As a reminder, these benchmarking reports provide insights into both the state of the insurance market and an employer’s specific comparison within the market. Better data means better decisions for employers!
See our full press release announcing the launch of BTA here. 

Overview of BTR’s Benchmarking Initiative (BTA)

  • BTR hired an expert quantitative analytics & data science company
  • Offers unlimited real time benchmarking reports to the broker community
  • Marketing Reports- show prospects the potential and value of benchmarking
  • API is available to the market from Employee Navigator
    • Brokers who license Employee Navigator can take advantage of this exclusive integration.
  • No resource drain on your firm: you do not need to fill out lengthy surveys on accounts managed by BTR
  • Ability to integrate your own internal database/technology where you house your clients and their data

State of the Market Analysis: 
This report, designed for broker use, allows you to see all the data in one view. Easily analyze across multiple regions, industries, and group size categories all at once. This is a detailed and comprehensive data report.
Client Comparison Report: 
Branded with your broker logo, this report allows you to compare more than 100 data points across your clients’ specific size, industry, and region. This is an easy to use summary report built with graphs and charts.
Prospective Client Sales Tool:  
Add new prospect’s with your broker branded reporting tool. This short-hand version of the benchmark comparison will enhance your value in your customer’s eyes. As the broker, you will differentiate yourself from competitors by providing powerful insights and data.

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