BTR Gives Back – A New Charitable Initiative from Benefit Technology Resources

BTR is proud to celebrate our newest initiative – BTR Gives Back. Although launched in January 2019, the idea came about in November 2018 at the annual Consulting All-Team Meeting. As we approach the last 5 months of the year, BTR will be highlighting the 5 charities chosen on our social media accounts with statistics and resources. We will begin with Human Trafficking, and highlighting our chosen charity, A21.

Vice President Kate Taylor has held the title of Committee Chair since its inception and has provided some history and highlights to give insight into what BTR Gives Back has been doing – and plans to do in the future.

What is BTR Gives Back?

BTR Gives Back (BGB) is a charity initiative we launched in January 2019 as a way to become more involved in our communities, give to the organizations and causes that our employees feel most passionate about and provide a way for our clients to get involved and partner with us.  As BTR grows into a larger company and our footprint is expanding. It is important for us to give back as “giving is good for the soul” so as soon as we were able to do this, we dove in.

How did this initiative begin?

Many of our those on our team live in various part of Florida and as a FL based company, we see the devasting effects of Hurricanes.  We know the power of donations, organizations and companies drive from other states to our aid and we couldn’t recover with the help of others. This is a small way of us giving back.  

Why did BTR select these specific charities?

Our team members all voted on the causes that matter most to them, so it was a collective effort from everyone at BTR to settle on these 5 causes and charities.

What does the future of BTR Gives Back look like?

Our hope is that we look back in 3 years, 5 years, even 10 years and say WOW! We had no idea it would grow into this!  We want to see significant impacts to communities, organizations, and our internal team’s lives in some way.  What that looks like today?  I don’t know but we are excited to find out!

We are excited to continue this initiative, and to highlight out charities on our social media accounts. We will begin with A21, a well-known organization focused on ending human trafficking in the world. To read more about the organization, please check out their website.