Businessolver’s Vision 20/18: Conference Recap

In June 2018, BTR attended Businessolver’s Vision 20/18 Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL. The BTR team was among several hundred HR professionals, brokers, and vendors who attended the event.

On day one, Cy Wakeman shared insights on the impact of drama in the workplace. She estimated that 816 hours are wasted on drama per person per year. To remedy this, she suggested that instead of using sympathy to reinforce negativity, employers and their employees try applying a more empathetic approach. Rae Shanahan (CSO) spoke to empathy being the cornerstone for Businessolver’s way of doing business through their empathetic point of view, beginning with their human-centric design both internally and externally.

Businessolver has committed to investing in helping an organization understand why empathy is vital to success in the workplace. To accomplish this, they are rolling out an empathy index to help current clients assess their empathy by Q1 2019. Currently, this feature is in beta testing.

Vision 20/18

“Thank you to @businessolver for hosting BTR for 2 days of #Vision2018! #HRtech is a tool to bring #Empathy into the workplace – to learn more give us a call! #HRinsights” via @bentechre on Twitter

Road-Map Items Announced at Businessolver’s Vision 20/18

As prompted by new California non-binary gender laws, Businessolver can now accept more than two genders, this capability comes ahead of some insurance companies’ ability to do so.

However, the showstopper of Vision 20/18 was Sofia. Sofia is Businessolver’s decision support Avatar. She uses machine learning technology to help employees make informed decisions throughout their lifetime as Businessolver users. Much like Alexa or Google Talk, Sofia can also carry out spoken commands.

By the end of Q3 2018, Sofia will operate in 9 languages both written and spoken. She will also be able to summarize business analytics of the company to HR admins through spoken word and provide a summary of an employee’s current election in a written chat.  As a privacy measure, all PHI topics will only receive a written response to the user by Sofia, even if it is audibly asked. Sofia can also interpret emotion through tone of voice and has a collection of light-hearted jokes to lighten the sometimes-stressful decisions at hand.

Vision 20/18

“Excited to have our team on-site at @businessolver’s #Vision2018 conference! We’ll be live-tweeting our #HRtech insights from the event – follow along over the next 2 days! #HRinsights” via @bentechre on Twitter

BTR looks forward to keeping you engaged and updated on the exciting things to come with Businessolver.