Ceridian Connect Advisor Summit 2019: Conference Recap

Earlier this month, Benefit Technology Resources (BTR) attended the Ceridian Advisor Summit Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Ceridian, a global human capital management (HCM) technology company, revealed the latest enhancements to Dayforce, its flagship software. Extending the functionality of the Dayforce platform, these new product features – including Dayforce Benefits Decision Support, Dayforce Assistant, and Dayforce On-Demand Pay – reinforce Ceridian’s commitment to continuous growth and innovation in the HCM space. A key differentiator is the global growth piece of Ceridian’s offerings — with 50 plus countries being served, and more than 3700 live Dayforce customers.

Two New Features of the Dayforce Platform that Stood Out

Dayforce Assistant: An “Alexa” type feature that enables employees to make HR and schedule requests through voice or chat commands. Dayforce Assistant uses natural language processing to understand your requests and provide meaningful responses. Like the rest of Dayforce, Assistant adheres to your organization’s policies to ensure the information presented is in compliance with your security guidelines. This feature truly drives the employee experience and accessibility in a positive direction.

On-Demand Pay: With 75 percent of the workforce today living paycheck to paycheck, this feature is key for those employees that may need to receive payment for time worked prior to payday. On-Demand Pay helps to reduce the administrative effort by providing automated approvals for requests. It is the first pay solution of its kind to be offered within a complete HCM solution. Employees can access their earned wages during the active pay cycle, which means they do not have to wait until fixed paydays to use what they have earned. This helps employees manage unexpected expenses, offering them peace of mind and financial flexibility with no impact on the employer.

Overall, the Ceridian Advisor Summit Conference offered BTR an in-depth look at the new features and possibilities in the HR Tech market. BTR is committed to staying informed, up-to-date and passing along these valuable updates on market trends.