Client Resources for Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is upon us. It’s here…there is no running from it anymore. As an HR Professional, “OE” can cause you to buy all the Stress Relief lotion from Bath and Body Works. Most of this stress comes from ensuring your employees understand their benefits, the process of enrolling, and engaging them to enroll ON TIME.

BTR’s main focus is finding the right technology for our clients. But along the way, we connect with vendors and other HR experts that can be great resources for all things benefits, HR or technology. We’ve compiled a list of some great resources for the 2019 OE season to aid our clients in their open enrollment troubles.

PlanSource (@PlanSource)

PlanSource is a leading Benefits Administration solution in the market, servicing an average client size of 500. Not only are they a best-in-class Ben Admin platform, but they are also committed to making Open Enrollment a breeze. Their Open Enrollment Communications Kit is “fire”, as the kids say. On their website, employers can watch a webinar detailing how to make it through OE easier, or they can download the “OE Playbook” which includes some tidbits on benefits trends, communicating with your employees, and anything you might need to plan out a successful OE. Additionally, the Timeline feature of the #OEKit is interactive, easy to read, and vital for any HR professional planning their Open Enrollment.

Further (@HelloFurther)

Further is an HSA Administrator offering financial solutions within benefits, such as HRAs, FSAs, HSAs, VEBAs, POPs, etc. While they can definitely benefit your company by offering these financial solutions, we feel they are a great resource because of their social media presence during this season. Just scrolling through their Twitter page you will find tons of quick reads on all things benefits. They bring the knowledge – with clear explanations of benefit terms like “HDHP”, “deductible”, “premiums”. As HR professionals or brokers, we may think these are common knowledge terms, but many employees who only deal with benefits during OE, the terminology used to describe health insurance can feel incredibly overwhelming. Head on over to this account for assistance on how to explain your benefits to your team.

Your Broker

You trust your broker to find you the right plans at the right cost – why not ask them to help find the right message for Open Enrollment? Your account manager is prepared to walk you through the fires of OE, and they have the resources to help with communication efforts. Our broker partners are ready to present your benefits, assist with the rollout of the timeline, and listen to you cry when you just can’t take one. more. question. that was just answered in your most recent email blast. Call your broker. We’ll tell them to expect you.





Emily Fleming is our Communications Coordinator. She has been working for BTR for a year and has experience in Employee Benefits, HR Tech and customer service.