Employee Navigator 2017 Conference Recap

BTR Attends Employee Navigator 2017 Conference

This past June, members of our Employee Navigator team attended the annual Employee Navigator Conference in Bethesda, Maryland.  As in years past, it was very informative and packed with information. Presenters recapped the enhancements delivered in 2017 and upcoming 2018 updates. Moreover, BTR had the opportunity to network with many of our broker partners, carrier/vendors, and Employee Navigator employees.

However, the majority of the discussion and buzz during the two-day conference centered around the advances Employee Navigator has made in integrating with payroll vendors, TPAs, and insurance companies.  They had a strategic track for brokers, producers and broker firm owners and a second track for system knowledge with breakout sessions on ACA, Payroll Integration, Onboarding, PTO Tracking, Asset Management and overall plan building.

Payroll Integration – More Participating Partners

Last year at this time payroll integration was ‘the future’ and now that future has arrived! Below are the payroll vendors who are now integrated with Employee Navigator (indicated with the green connection symbol) and those in the testing process (indicated by the gold symbol):

834 EDI File Feed Connections

Employee Navigator has continued to develop 834 file feeds for transmitting medical, dental and vision enrollments with over 180+ connections to date.  In addition, the first multi-tenant (multiple companies on one file feed) 834 EDI file has been successfully transmitted to BCBS of Massachusetts, which is a great advancement in this area.

Marketplace Data Feed Connections

The development of carrier connections with many well-known providers began right after last year’s conference and continues throughout 2017. This is a totally new and exciting concept in the industry. Provider partners work with Employee Navigator to set up specific ancillary and/or worksite product plans on Employee Navigator’s system. These plans can be easily copied and customized to a client’s needs. Then, on a weekly basis, these plans allow the provider to extract enrollment data from Employee Navigator to update their eligibility databases electronically without having to process an 834 file feed.

Medical carriers will be the slowest to adopt this process. That being said, the first medical connection through the Marketplace Partnership was achieved with the Health Plan of Nevada which offers 40+ plans for use.

However, many ancillary and worksite providers are joining with Employee Navigator at a much faster rate to provide these enhancements. The providers listed below are in Phase I of developing carrier connections with Employee Navigator for their core and/or worksite products, which are scheduled to become available in Q3/Q4 of 2017.  Many of these offerings will be for new lines of business and specific products. Brokers will need to check with their carriers to determine what products will be supported.

  • Aflac
  • Allstate
  • Guardian
  • Humana
  • Metlife
  • Principal
  • Sun Life
  • TransAmerica
  • Unum

Mobile Friendly Website

Last year’s conference feedback to make the mobile app ‘benefit enrollment friendly’ was heard and changes have been underway to deliver! Employee Navigator worked this year to determine the best way to be able to provide better mobile access for employees. Moreover, they wanted to do so in the most efficient and scalable way for the Employee Navigator development team.  Maintaining the current mobile app wasn’t helping achieve this goal, so Employee Navigator has decided make their website more mobile responsive.

Due for release in Q2, this enhancement will allow employees to log into their Employee Navigator portal from any device. The website’s ability to respond appropriately to the device being used means increased accessibility and user-friendliness. Employees will be able to open an email, click on a link to the website, complete onboarding tasks, new hire or open enrollment, life event processing, and other features. In many ways, it will be as though they had logged in from a desktop computer! However, with the release of this enhancement the current mobile app will likely be retired.

Other system updates Added in 2016-2017 or Forthcoming:

  • 2017 W-4 and I-9 (with signature option) should be available in July 2017.
  • Universal Enrollment form (PDF)
  • The Wall going into Phase 2 of development and enhancement
  • COBRA Dashboard
  • Ability to copy a company at the broker level