Fall Open Enrollment is 120 Days Away, Are You Ready???

What You Need to Know About

Fall Open Enrollment

Many of you know there is no time left to begin the vetting process to implement large or complex accounts for benefits administration for this Fall’s open enrollment. Benefits administration providers are already at capacity because of the huge market demand this year, including BTR’s back office. The last few accounts that BTR will deploy (for accounts with renewals of 1/1/18 or sooner) are already in the works. They are reviewing contracts and will most likely take the last couple of spots we have open.

Ok, you sold a new account. What can you do now? 

Each agency needs to have a strategy in place to bring your team to the table to handle this year’s open enrollment (hopefully electronically). You must be prepared to immediately “fight the fire” for 2017 open enrollment and then bring us in to rebuild the house the way your client wants it. Most of our broker partners are planning to deploy Employee Navigator for this year’s open enrollment, and then bring BTR in after to strategize with the client on the best long-term solution. This technology window has been getting shorter each year. Based on demand, PLEASE, PLEASE plan for next year.

The BEST TIME to implement a new system is right after open enrollment or well in advance of it. These benefits administration systems take time for most quality providers – usually 90 – 120 days if they are honest. It’s time to start thinking about your clients’ 2018 needs. Let us know how we can help.