Fourth Anniversary – Jamie Betteridge

It’s Jamie Betteridge’s fourth anniversary! Her dedication and attention to detail make her an invaluable member of our team. We’re thrilled to be celebrating her fourth year with BTR. In honor of this milestone, we asked Jamie a few questions to get to know her better.

If you could do anything differently what would it be?
I would join BTR earlier.

What is your favorite part about your job? What excites you most?
With my recent promotion, I am looking forward to so many things but what excites me the most right now is the opportunity to learn new Benefit Administration site implementations. I am also excited to learn, grow and pass on my existing knowledge to our newest team members.

What would you give as advice to others to be successful going into their next year at BTR?
Plan as much as you can but always be willing to be flexible when needed.

Where do you expect to grow in the next year? In what ways?
As a new Project Manager for our PlanSource Benefit Administration Team, I will be working with my pod to implement new sites. I am excited to learn about this process and grow my knowledge even further. Also, now that we have a pod of 3 people, this will allow us to take our service to the next level while also building solid relationships with our new clients. I am excited to watch our pod bond build over time and embrace our new team structure.

Describe a recent project that you’ve learned from. What did you learn throughout the process?
Not everyone uses the same terminology when speaking about technology and processes. When working on a service project that includes many parties, it is important to use common terminology so that everyone understands.