Implementation Division Becomes Benefits Administration Division

In a recent name change, our Implementation Division is now called the Benefits Administration Division.
This was a strategic decision to help our broker partners understand what our “implementation division” does, as well as what differentiates it from the consulting division.  However, when it comes to everything this division does, “Implementation” seemed like a limited term.

Who We Are

The Benefits Administration Division consists of 20 full-time team members who make up three separate teams. These teams correspond to our internal benefit administration solutions (bswift, PlanSource and Employee Navigator). Within each team, we have three team leads for each system. We also have specific roles and tiered support which consist of service analysts, implementation analysts, and project managers. This division was formed not long after BTR started, at the request of our early broker partners. The need for a strong, service-oriented implementation team with a deep knowledge of benefits became immediately apparent. This is because the demand for benefit administration technology was increasing, not just for large businesses, but for small to mid-market companies as well.

What We Do

These teams not only implement the benefit administration systems but also provide ongoing service to clients. They build the majority of the necessary carrier and vendor files. This division is also responsible for implementing and managing ACA requirements.

We hope this name change helps our partners better understand the services offered by the Benefits Administration Division. Please contact us with any questions or pricing for our three solutions.