Promotion of Kelli LeMieux to Consulting Division Manager

Kelli LeMieux has been promoted to Consulting Division Manager. Ashley Kirasich now Lead Analyst and Trainer.

We are very pleased to announce the promotion of Kelli LeMieux to Consulting Division Manager. Kelli has been with BTR for two and a half years and has over 17 years of experience in the payroll and HR outsourcing. During this time, she has implemented and supported several major technology platforms in the mid-market space.

Kelli has worked closely with BTR’s President and CEO, Jamie Hawkins, and VP, Kate Taylor to implement structural changes within the Consulting Division, that have increased standardization and quality control.

“Kelli’s leadership has been instrumental,” says Jamie. “These changes have resulted in a more cohesive and unified team, that better supports our clients.”

Kelli’s new role allows her to oversee the entire operations of the Consulting Division. She will be responsible for all engagements handled by this team.

Simultaneously, Ashley Kirasich has had her role expanded to Lead Analyst and Trainer. This expansion will allow Ashley to continue as a team lead and, at the same time, conduct training, process improvement, and mentorship.

“As we evolve and grow in this fast-paced HR Tech space, the importance of strategic leadership is key,” says Jamie, commenting on the recent title changes. “We owe our success to our forward-thinking innovative leadership team and to our dedicated employees. This will help us grow in 2018 based on the solid foundation we built in 2017.”

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Benefit Technology Resources (BTR) is a leading independent HR technology consulting firm serving employers with 50 to 10,000 employees. BTR is provider agnostic and its range of services include: current provider assistance, RFP generation and support and Implementation assistance.

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