PlanSource Eclipse Conference Recap

Credit: PlanSource

This past July, four members of the Benefit Technology Resources™ (BTR) team attended the PlanSource Eclipse conference in Park City, Utah. Over 300 participants attended which included elite partners (such as BTR), co-source brokers, vendor sponsors, industry leaders and HR administrators from large direct clients. We had an excellent time amongst colleagues and experts within the field of HR technology. Moreover, what we learned from the various presentations which took place during the event was invaluable. As a result, we are pleased to share what we consider some of the biggest takeaways.

Insights from the 2017 PlanSource Eclipse Conference

Credit: Jamieshawkins via Twitter

PlanSource CEO, Dayne Williams delivered the opening keynote address for the event. He outlined a series of recent and upcoming internal investments, product enhancements and new services designed to help clients succeed in the changing HR and benefits landscape. Most notably, he provided the company’s plan for supporting all aspects of the benefits and HR lifecycle, highlighting PlanSource as a Human Capital Management (HCM) system. What is HCM? An HCM system encompasses the entire lifecycle of an employee and generally includes payroll, benefit administration, onboarding, timekeeping, recruiting, etc.

BTR CEO Jamie Hawkins was a panelist during the “Happy Hour Hot Potato” session.  The panel had open discussions on hot topics in the HR technology industry, including: state of the market discussions, emerging trends, government regulations, best practices around implementation of technology, and ways to build relationships between clients and vendors.

Change is Essential to Survival

Another keynote speaker at the PlanSource Eclipse conference was Glenn Elliott, founder and CEO of Reward Gateway. Elliot made a big splash with his speech on the importance of employee engagement.  His work has reached hundreds of companies by examining the level of employee engagement within them in an effort to help them get the most out of their people. This, in turn, increases the company’s productivity through profitability.  “The world of work is drastically changing, and if you are not changing with it, you will be left behind,” said Elliot, perfectly illustrating the urgent need for adaptability within the world of HR tech. (Click on the image below for his full thoughts).

Credit: Jamieshawkins via Twitter.

New PlanSource Features and Releases

Throughout the PlanSource Eclipse conference, our BTR team members learned about the importance of incorporating technology to maximize productivity. However, we also learned about several of PlanSource’s new features and releases:

  • Advanced Payroll Deductions.
  • PlanSource offers additional services, which now include: call center down to any employee size, dependent verification, billing consolidation, benefits outsourcing and more.
  • Analytic Dashboard- Analytics geared to carriers at first, brokers after. Due in 2018.
  • PlanSource is moving towards Client level self install.
  • API integrations – Very robust API with Ultimate. This has been available for new clients but will be offered to some existing clients who need a more robust benefits admin experience.
  • New Bamboo integration and NetSuite integration.
  • 17 carriers are in the PlanSource Advantage program (subsidy program). In addition, they are also looking to expand this offering.
  • Their new user interface was released this month. All current clients migrating over the next several months.
  •   PS touched very briefly on a new Employee Communication. Here are some key features:
    • New email and texting templates
    • Employee Preferred Communication allows the system to help you communicate. Text is one option available.
    • Ability to create own templates
    • Ability to schedule out communication


For any questions or additional information on the PlanSource conference, please feel free to contact us.