The Value of Long Term Partnerships

June has come and gone, and we have been quite the busy bees over here at BTR. It’s no secret we hosted our inaugural #BTRSUMMIT – a conference for our broker partners. It was a huge success and we are already planning for 2020. But the flow of information to these brokers – and all that have worked with BTR – did not stop with Summit. All month long we provided industry updates and insights into trends via our Quarterly Webinar, our Broker Lunch & Learns and BTR Bites. Fitting in with all of June’s “Broker Love” – we had four agencies celebrate their 10-year anniversary with BTR!

We have asked some of these experienced BTR brokers to reflect on the past 10 years and what that partnership has meant for their clients and technology initiatives. Thank you to ALL of our broker partners for choosing BTR as your #1 resource for HR technology!

“Most of the employers we meet are disappointed in the functionality of the technology that they have selected. Because of BTR’s expertise we have been able to bring solutions to them which has opened the door for many new prospects.  It is also a source of pride to know that we can be confident in helping our clients select the best, affordable technology solutions to help them operate more efficiently.  We know that by partnering with BTR, we are staying on the front edge of an ever-evolving field.  In our opinion, BTR’s professionalism and knowledge is unmatched and our partnership with them is one of the greatest decisions we have made.”

“Over 10 years ago PBG made a great decision to become a part of the BTR group of Agencies.  As a growing agency we knew we needed someone to guide us through the incredible growing maze of Technology and all the companies coming into the marketplace.  As a result, we have added several technology vendors and all recommended to us by BTR.  In addition, we have used BTR as our PlanSource and Employee Navigator experts.  We now have approximately 7,000 employees on PlanSource and managed by BTR. Their Audit Team has saved a large group for one of my agents and their continued educational webinars and meetings helps to keep us up to date on the latest innovative solutions in the industry.

Bottom Line, PBG would not be the Agency it is without the help of our BTR relationship.  Most important, they are my friends and people will always rather do business with friends.”


“The Partnership with BTR has been a very successful and engaging effort.  They make it easy and fun to retain and attract clients and prospects — We have an expert on our side. We never get tired of winning with BTR! We are genuinely excited about the future of technology and HRIS, and we know they always want to learn about the new wave of offerings in the marketplace, the losers and the innovators. Technology never gets stale and BTR has a constant stream of information, and it is always a chance to learn and be informed.  We are privileged to be on the forefront of this industry. If you have the freedom of accessing BTR, you are very fortunate.”


“By partnering with BTR, TIS is able to assist clients with most any benefit technology solution.  We are extremely proud to have such an incredible, expert team of professionals supporting us and consistently providing the right recommendations that improve our customers’ experience.”  We look forward to the next ten years and are confident that, with BTR in our corner, our firm will stay ahead of the pack and ready with innovative ideas, resources and advice.”





Emily Fleming is an HR Technology Analyst & on the BTR Project Box Team. She has been working for BTR for just under a year and has experience in Employee Benefits, HR Tech and customer service.