Highlights from bswift Idea Exchange 2021

In April, bswift held their annual Idea Exchange conference. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the event was virtual for the second year in a row. This allowed multiple BTR-bswift team members to attend and bring valuable insight and updates to the rest of the team. Bswift took no time to adjust to the ever growing “new normal”, theming its various sessions around common Zoom call phrases such as “Can Everyone See My Screen?” and “You’re On Mute”. Let’s dive into the highlights of this great event!

“Hindsight is 2020” brought together bswift’s Executive Leadership to reflect on the year that was 2020. This session focused on cybersecurity, bswift’s growth throughout a challenging year, and how the events of 2020 in America affected the company as a whole, including the social justice movement following the murder of George Floyd. Attendees learned that bswift was rated with a 99% for their security efforts, as compared to competitors who ranked in the 70% range. Bswift is hoping to release their “OE Wizard”, which has been the focus for its future planning, as well as a major focus on APIs – specifically around seeking more mobile capabilities.

More leadership insight followed with “No, You Go” which featured a Q&A session with executives, including Tracey Eiseman, Senior Vice President of Channel Partner Operations, and Don Garlitz, Senior Vice Partnerships of Partnerships. This session was more of a casual feel, bringing in similar themes to previous sessions but had a distinct focus on what is in store for bswift and its Channel Partners. The main focus of many of the questions that were asked revolved around a need for bswift to participate in more integrations, provide seamless API connections, and continue to partner with leading tech solutions, carriers, etc.

Day 1 wrapped with “Who Just Joined” which examined how virtual work has changed the game for employees’ benefit technology needs. Attendees were presented with the Forrester Research Survey results. Some of the key highlights form this survey were:

        • Employer and Employee needs have evolved when it comes to benefits/tech, but generally employees and employers were aligned with their priorities.
      • Need for virtual health benefits is on the rise, & employees struggled with virtual mental health support but want this access.
      • 74% of employees want remote work to remain and 70% of employers say remote work policies will become permanent
      • Data security concerns are rising – 46% of global businesses have encountered a cybersecurity scare since shifting to remote work.

This session brought great insight into what employers want and how a strong benefits tech can assist those organizations with either keeping remote work permanently or embracing a hybrid model.

Overall, the theme of the 2021 bswift Idea Exchange was highlighting the solution’s future roadmap, and how their goals have been adjusted to fit the new landscape provided by the COVID-19 pandemic. Cybersecurity, employee engagement and adjustments during virtual work, and how bswift is improving its current offerings to direct consumers and to channel partners played a role in nearly every session. BTR was honored to receive Honorable Mention for Most Valuable Partner of 2020 just behind Paylocity. This is a huge accomplishment for our bswift team,

and it is a true testament to their continued hard work for  our clients. We are so very proud of them!

BTR has been named Honorable Mention for bswift's Most Valuable Partner of 2020, just behind Paylocity.

Do you want more information on any of the above sessions or how BTR-bswift can assist your client? Be sure to reach out to #AskEmily today!