BTR Announces New Role and Promotion of Emily Fleming

We are proud to announce the promotion of Emily Fleming from Communications Coordinator to Communications & Brand Strategist! Emily has worked with BTR for just over two years and has been an extremely valuable member of our team. She has helped us step up BTR’s social media presence, communication continuity, and overall marketing focus, as well as playing a major role in the roll out and maintenance of the BTR Project Box.

As a Communications Coordinator, she helped BTR improve overall communications, both internally and externally. Now, as a Communications & Brand Strategist, her role has been expanded to include both enhanced internal and external employment branding. She will now be responsible for continued development and reinforcement of BTR culture as an employee advocate/representative, branding representative for internal and external projects, expanding the BTR onboarding processes and further development of tools and resources to ensure a consistent orientation experience for all new hires, as well as culture contributor/collaborator for all BTR events.

Please join us in congratulating Emily on her new role! We know that she will continue excel in this position and as a member of our BTR Team!