BTR bswift Team Kicks Off 2021 with Four Promotions

As BTR continues to grow, we are proud to provide opportunities for upward movement to our dedicated and hard-working team members. Our bswift team is starting off the new year with four promotions from within. BTR is proud to announce these promotions of Kellie Aisenstark, Eliza Van Dixhorn, Danielle Haynes, and Yvette Ganda. Please read more about the new roles these ladies will be taking on.

Kellie Aisenstark has been promoted from Senior Project Manager to Team Lead. Kellie has worked with BTR for 6 years; during that time, she has played a major role in our company’s growth and success, managing a large book of business and now a team of 7. As a Senior Project Manager, Kellie helped to develop and mentor her team and managed new implementation and renewal projects with a high level of expertise. Now, as Team Lead, she will provide senior level support for two project managers and focus her efforts on growth and client retention.

Eliza Van Dixhorn will move from Senior Configuration Analyst to her new role as Project Manager. She has been extremely valuable member of our team for just over a year. As Senior Configuration Analyst, Eliza handled all the back-end configuration work for her clients, mentored other configuration analysts, and serves as our local import mapping expert. Now, as Project Manager, she will move to a client-facing role, managing new implementation and renewal projects. She will also lead a “pod” consisting of a configuration analyst and a service analyst.

Danielle Haynes will now serve the bswift team as a Service Analyst, moving from Service Coordinator. In Danielle’s brief time with BTR (9 months), she has quickly learned the bswift system and mastered her role. As a Service Coordinator, she provided administrative support for internal projects and tasks. Now, as Service Analyst, she will provide excellent customer support to her clients.

Finally, we are proud to announce the promotion of Yvette Ganda from Senior Service Analyst to Configuration Analyst. Yvette has provided outstanding customer service to her clients and excelled in her role, mastering the bswift system during her 3.5 year tenure with BTR. Now, as Configuration Analyst, Yvette will handle the band-end configuration needs for her clients and continue to expand her expertise.

Please join us in congratulating Kellie, Eliza, Danielle, and Yvette