Ceridian Connect 2020 Recap

Employee experience drives Dayforce innovation

Hyper-personalization and the demise of a one-size-fits-all mentality was evident at Ceridian’s advisory summit, “Connect 2020,” where BTR’s Director of Consulting Kelli LeMieux and HR Technology Consultant Hayes Stevens joined other HR technology stakeholders and Ceridian Dayforce users for two days of product updates, insights on today’s HCM trends, and shared customer experiences. The Dayforce enterprise HCM software combines payroll, HR, benefits, talent and workforce management in a single cloud application. Ceridian reported 4,350 live customers and more than 4 million users. As we’re seeing elsewhere in the market, Ceridian is focused on transforming the employee experience—unifying data across the employee lifecycle to enable better decision making at every stage.

Dayforce innovations and features. Day 1 of Connect 2020 featured demos, showcasing recent innovations to Dayforce—many of which incorporate artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning technology. These innovations respond to the growing employer focus on leveraging technology to support business strategy. Following is a recap of key Dayforce product innovations for our clients and broker partners.

  • Three performance indicators per module allow HR leaders to home in on key areas to gain further efficiencies and increase their return on investment—which can help solidify HR’s seat at the C-suite table.
  • Daily pay. According to Ceridian CEO David Ossip, 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Through a partnership with DailyPay, Ceridian’s Dayforce Wallet allows employers to provide employees instant access to their earned wages with no fees charged to the employee or the employer. Look for this service to expand with savings tools and bill pay options that support employee financial wellbeing. Ceridian research shows that 80% of employees are regularly stressed about their finances.
  • Employee one-stop shop. Dayforce HUB provides a one-stop shop home screen with maximum customization and deep linking. Through configurable widgets and styles, customers can customize their HUB by roles, locations and more (in 20 languages), supporting a more personalized experience for a global workforce.
  • Benefits intelligence. Dayforce Intelligence combines data with predictive technologies to identify key metrics for each HCM process. For enrollment, the tool shows employees the cost difference or change when considering new or different plans. Employers can use this tool for enrollment projections and to understand how plan design changes will impact adoption rates. Benchmarking is available for use with the contribution worksheet. (Ceridian’s algorithm is patent pending.)
  • Dayforce’s recruiting software includes bi-directional Outlook integration for scheduling candidate interviews and supports candidate email and text notifications to save time and streamline the process. (As an aside related to integration…the latest buzzword for this critical HR tech function seems to be “interoperability.”)
  • Engagement/Pulse survey. In response to the tight talent market and high cost of turnover, employee engagement is a priority but also a challenge due to today’s multi-generational (and multi-expectation) workforce. Dayforce Engagement help employers understand how employees are feeling about their jobs using “sentiment analysis,” based on the positive and/or negative comments made by the employee within text data. Targeted reporting is available, with the option to drill down by demographic.

Increased collaboration with partners.
Broker partners attending Connect 2020 learned of Ceridian’s plans for a more collaborative sales process—with Ceridian bringing in implementers and operational associates to offer a more complete sales experience and to manage consumer expectations. Discussing Ceridian’s partner network approach, General Manager, Global, Steve Weintraub said “Our partnerships are designed to deliver the best possible experience to our customers.” Supporting this is the launch of a Global Service Office.

Staying ahead of the growth curve. Ceridian’s strategy appears to be working. With global sales up more than 150% in 2019, Ceridian is moving upmarket with Dayforce. As we tweeted from Connect, Ceridian’s average client size increased by 54%. In response, Dayforce is trending toward a global rework to stay ahead of their growth. Ceridian’s implementation strategy is to focus on innovation, provide options for clients, and support diverse choices for implementation.

We’re excited about what we heard at this year’s Dayforce advisory summit and the company’s response to the hyper-personalization we see in the market and growing use of A.I. and machine learning. Ceridian has put the employee experience at the center of their strategy—enabling an organic approach to HR technology for employees. Chief Value Officer Bill Crawford summarized Ceridian’s product innovation activity as “putting the customer at the center, selling as one team, acting as owners.” We believe this approach is truly driving innovation for Dayforce.

Let us know if you need more information on Ceridian’s Dayforce platform or other HCM solutions. We help benefit advisers understand the HR tech market and make sense of the many solutions available to help you and your clients determine best-fit systems to meet specific needs. Contact us at 1-877-299-8155 or visit bentechre.com.