OSHA ETS Mandates: HR Tech Steps to Take Now

November 17, 2021

Employers nationwide are stirring impatiently while the recent OHSA ETS for Vaccine & Testing Tracking is being debated in federal and state courts. BTR continues to offer updates about solutions available within the HR Technology market to support compliance readiness.

With the ETS tied up in court, employers are facing questions and confusion regarding the future of the ETS and how to proceed with preparations. The general recommendation from compliance experts is that employers should proceed under the assumption that the ETS will go into effect as written and without delays or extensions, and each impacted organization should confer with their legal counsel for more information. Below are a few reminders about the regulation:

  • Employers will be expected to implement a vaccination or testing policy by December 5th.
  • Determine each employee’s vaccination status and roll out a PTO policy for vaccinations.
  • THE ETS FAQs highlight specific elements that must be included in the Policies
  • By January 4th, Employees will need to show proof that they are either vaccinated or tested.

As organizations develop policies and procedures to comply with the ETS, BTR recommends that employers lean on their current technology providers for guidance and support for solutions. Solutions are already on the market, including stand-alone options.

If your organization would like assistance finding a Vaccine & Testing Tracking Solution, BTR can help! Reach out to BTRProjects@bentechre.com for support today.

Please note: This publication is considered a high-level overview of the federal mandate. The requirements may differ based on specific state laws and may have special application to employers in varying industries. BTR is in no way providing medical advice or guidance on the COVID-19 vaccine or any vaccine or medical diagnosis. If you have questions about whether or not a vaccine is right for you, please consult your physician or go to www.cdc.gov/vaccines for more information. Additionally, BTR is not positioned to provide legal advice in any manner, so please consult your ERISA or legal counsel before moving forward with vaccine tracking.


About the Author

Jannette Kresser coordinates BTR’s solution provider relationships and supports operational efficiencies for the Consulting Division. She has over 20 years of experience in project management, contract administration, process improvements, and new technology implementations